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Toy Story DVD Review

Toys are alive! See how they talk and act only in Disney Pixar - Toy Story!

Toy Story (1995) is Disney Pixar Animated Movie first made entirely with CGI. Disney Pixar - Toy Story tells you Story of a group of toys owned by Andy which are come to life when human was not around. Woody was the leader of the toys, Andy’s favorite toy. Andy got a space ranger Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday gift. Buzz, who was not even realized that he was a toy, seemed to replace Woody’s position.

As Andy prepared to go to Pizza Planet restaurant with Buzz, Woody intended to have Buzz misplaced. But it ends up knocking him out of window and Andy took Woody instead with him to Pizza Planet.

Buzz found out that he was set up by Woody then he followed Woody to Pizza Planet. The two toys were trapped in Alien Toy Box and being caught by Sid, the evil kid next to Andy’s house who was love to play toys by destroying them.

At Sid’s house, Woody and Buzz met nightmarish hodge-podge toys of Sid's creation. Many things happened in there. Buzz came to realize that he was a toy, not a space ranger. While Sid strapped him into a rocket and intended to blow him up. Woody tried to save Buzz by scaring Sid away by coming to life in front of him. In this Disney Pixar - Toy Story, the toys are not supposed to coming alive in front of human. But this is the only way to save Buzz.

What will happen then? Will Buzz be saved? Andy was about to move, will the two lost toys catch up? See how deep their friendship, how great the adventure, and how loyal Woody to Andy in this Disney Toy Story Movie.

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What do people said about this movie?
Here are some customer opinion about Toy Story 3 DVD. Check them out!
  • A Modern Masterpiece in Every Way - Mark Baker
  • A Real Classic - Conner Beal
  • You can never go wrong with Woody and Buzz Lightyear! - Manny Hernandez
  • Astounding Animation and Amazing Storyline!
  • Original and fun for the whole family! - Nicholas
  • A Must See for all ages (seriously)
  • best film in my son's collection.
  • Excellent film in which the characters grow on you
Here is the honest complete customer review from Steven who bought Toy Story DVD from

This Is A Great Family Movie - Steven
Imagine a world where whenever your back is turned or whenever you leave a room your toys come to life and communicate with each other like we do.

Woody is the toy cowboy doll of a boy called Andy. Woody is Andys favorite toy until one day Andys birthday comes around and he gets a new toy which quickly becomes Andys favourite toy ahead of Woody.
Woody quickly becomes jealous because not only has Andy pushed him aside but his fellow toy friends have chosen the new toy Buzz Lightyear ahead of Woody so now Woody plots a way to get Buzz out of the way for good with disasterous consequences.

I will say no more about the movie as i feel if you haven't seen it then most of this film should be a surprise to you. All i do have to say however is Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz are superb choices as the voices of the main characters.

This is an incredibly warm hearted and fun family film that a child of any age would love.

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