Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camp Rock 2 DVD (The Final Jam)

Get ready, rockers! The Final Jam is on! Don't miss it in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam!

Welcome back to Camp Rock! Disney Channel bring you the greatest music in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam! The second year will be more challenging and fun! Well, at least that was what Mitchi thought before she knew that there is another summer camp opened NEXT to Camp Rock! It's the Camp Star.

Camp Rock was doomed. They would close it down. Camp star took most of its campers and staffs. But then, Mitchi and friends won't back down. They are challenged to be the winner in the FINAL JAM! The show is broad cast in all over TV station!

Mitchi put every single of her effort just to save Camp Rock. But then, she forgot that this second year was actually purposed to get to know Shane better.

But they don't have too much good time together. Well, even though it was seem so hard, and Camp Rock didn't win the competition, they could save Camp Rock and got their best summer.

Oh, one more thing, Nate was in love with Dana, the daughter of Camp Star owner. See the romantic scene in the song of "Introducing Me"! Watch the whole incredible music and dance in Camp Rock 2 DVD!

If you really like it, there is no way you don't buy this Camp Rock 2 DVD!

Watch Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam! Movie Trailer!

What did they say about this Movie?
This is the honest customer review from Srinivas who already bought this Camp Rock 2 DVD from

Camp rock 2 is a lot better than camp rockI seen this movie on tv and dvd. This movie is excellent, I really loved this movie excellent characters, great plot and great ending. They also has great music in this movie, the song I couldn't get out of my head, This is our song, is my favorite. We don't know how well the soundtrack will do, good luck. Demi Lovato character did an amazing job in this movie, her character Mitchie was leading a revolution to save Camp Rock and she succeded. She was like Susan B. Anthony, who fought for women's right to vote and Harriet Tubman who fought to end slavery. The Jonas Brother are really cool, Joe Jonas character Shane used to be an arrogant jerk, when she started datie Mitchie. He changed a lot, became a nice guy and a slacker. This time they include and Kevin and Nick in the show. Nick Jonas has a love interest in the movie Chloe Bridges. Everyone knows who Chloe Bridges is, she played Freddie Prinze's Jr Niece on Freddie.
Freddie was a spin off of George Lopez Show. Nick and Chloe characters are like Romeo and Juliet, two rival camps fighting camps against each other, it sounds like a shakespeare play. Newcomer Chloe Bridges from the disney world has the greatest resemblance of Jacqueline Obradors, the lady who played her mother on Freddie and Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato has the greatest resemblance of The House Bunny Emma Stone and Mission Impossilbe III Michelle Monaghan. She came along from this movie that started at all that made her superstar. Every one knows as Charlotte Adams from As the Bell rings a short segement on disney, from Sonny Monroe at Sonny with a chance and Rosie Gonzalez from Princess Protection Program and two cd's that made her famous and superstardom. Nick Jonas looks like Wizards of Waverly Place David Henrie and Joe Jonas has the greatest resemblance of Taylor Lautner. Joe Jonas is the like teen heartthrob of this movie. Good luck watching this movie, I watched it was amazing.

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